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Gravia is situated at an altitude of 400 meters at the foot of Mount Gerolekas, at the north exit of the Strait of Ampliani, between Parnassos mountain and Giona mountain. It is a historic district with its famous Hani Gravias and the Tomb of Odysseus Androutsos.

The battle of Gravia Inn became a symbol of heroism in the early years of the Greek Revolution of 1821. On 8 May 1821, Odysseus Androutsos. together with 120 men, stopped the advance of 8.000 Turkish soldiers, under the leadership of Omer Vrionis, to  Amfissa (Salona) and  Peloponnese,aiming to suppress the Revolution. The debacle of the Turkish forces (over 300 dead and 200 injured) caused a loss in morale of the army and Omer Vrionis' hesitation about whether to continue his campaign.

The historical Inn was reconstructed and opened in 1999, while the bust of Odysseus Androutsou stands in a prominent position next to the magnificent new church of St. Athanasios.

Every year, at the first weekend after the May 8, there is a three-day celebration of the glorious historical event "the Battle of Gravia Inn", with representation of the battle in the area of Inn, with the participation of the high school students of Gravia, and also with a parade of students and troops.



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